Sunday, December 20, 2009

Old washer and dryers?

I have two old washer and dryers. They work and are hooked up, but the insides are very dirty what can/should I use that will not be harmful to clothes when I finally use them?Old washer and dryers?
Run a cycle with just bleach in there.

As far as the dryer, just use good old elbow grease and wipe it out and clean it out with Pin Sol or Grease Lightning and make sure you remove all the residue when wiping it out.

:-)Old washer and dryers?
Don't know what you mean by dirty since there are all different kinds of that. You should be able to just clean them up with any type of household cleaners, though, and as long as you thoroughly rinse them off afterwards with clean water, then your clothes should be fine. If the washer had been used before, though, then beware that the rubber rings in it might not last very long. Them having been wet from prior use and then left dry for so long can cause them to crack when used again.
I heard that you can run a cycle with dishwasher soap through them to clean then and then a cycle with just bleach added to the water. The dishwasher soap helps break up the crud and the bleach kills the germs. When finished with the dishwasher soap and bleach you are supposed to run it a 3rd time with no soap or anything.
I actually purchased a older Washer that needed to be cleaned before I could use it. What I did was put about 1 cup of Javex and filled the washer and let it go through the cycle ';WITH NO CLOTHES'; and it worked very well....Try this!!!! :)
I called Whirlpool once to ask about cleaning my washer really well inside. She told me to fill the washer to the top, add some bleach, then add one more bucket of hot water, to actually fill the tub up to under the rim. Run it though, and through the rinse cycle.
For the washer, try running them without a load (or with an old towel or two). For the dryer, you'd have to use a general purpose cleanser and then wipe several times with plain water to get the residue off.
For the washer, throw some old rags and a bunch of bleach into a hot cycle and make sure the water fills up to the top. This kills all the stinky stuff that accumulates.

before you wash clothes in the washers, use bleach and run the washer like a normal load, minus the clothes.
Honestly, you can use literally anything you want as LONG AS, you clean it uup with water afterwards like a final rinse, etc.
Water, Lemon, Baking Soda, Vinegar.
They should have stuff to clean things like that at walmart? But i'd just run a load with nothing in it with baking soda....
A friend of mine used a rust remover. Be sure to run through a cycle before using.
Tang.....You won't believe how well it cleans....Imagine what it does to your insides....
buy some new ones

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